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Dude Where's My Records?! This Friday

Jean-Pierre, a dope-ass DJ and friend of Sneaker Freaker recently had all his records, needles and headphones stolen after a DJ set! In true Melbourne fashion we're rallying everyone to help raise a few bucks to restore his collection which is his life!

A whole bunch of DJs have stepped in to support Jean-Pierre as well as live acts. The night is tipped to be huge with the support its received from local media & promoters. Jean-Pierre is the resident DJ at Roxanne and regularly spins at Revolver & Click Click.

There will even a be a 'shits n giggles' dance-off with prizes - For which we'll be providing sneaker samples for prizes, of course being samples, these gems won't even have hit the streets yet! Sneakers will include Mens US9 and Womens US7 so come on down and have a boogie, it's all for fun and it's more about dancefloor participation than technique so no excuses!

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