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Drake Wearing Yeezys Could Signal End of Jumpman Contract

Drake Yeezy Combat Boot AdidasDrake Yeezy Combat Boot Adidas

switching sides from to could very well be a reality. When ‘multiple industry sources’ were cited as the source of the rumour last week, we were sceptical. But Drake has just been spotted wearing Yeezys and it's hard to ignore the hint that his Jordan contract could be dust.

Since he signed to the Jumpman, Drizzy has rarely worn non-Nike gear. When he did, it was usually a non-competitor luxury brand. It could be argued that the Combat Boots he’s wearing in this picture belong more to the Yeezy trademark than adidas, but it’s still a huge deal.

On any other day, Drake’s loyalty to Jordan Brand has been devout bordering on religious. You won’t find another artist writing singles for their sneaker brand, let alone one that goes quadruple platinum with a hook honouring the brand’s logo.

Still, Drake’s output with Jordan Brand has been minimal. It’s understandable that he’d want to make more of an impact; fingers crosses his adidas contract simply says 'carte blanche'.

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