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Dr Pepper Opens Their Own Music Studio

Stuff is funner when you share it with someone else, and working with people you normally wouldn't can create something special and original – sneaker brands have realised and model collaborations have big banged into a universe of their own. Musicians have realised it too, and a handful of forward-thinking brands have enabled some surprising partnerships to form, and now Dr Pepper is stepping the game up a level, announcing they're opening a music studio in Hollywood. It may not have the history of Abbey Road or Sun Studios, but we reckon some special stories will come out of the place quickly, given the personnel that will be putting in work there. Dr Pepper is hooking up three much-loved producers with four vocalists to create three EPs of four tracks. Got it? It means hip hop god RZA, indie rock perfectionist Dave Sitek and party kings The Hood Internet will release their own EP of four songs, with each song featuring vocals by Robert Delong, Tinashe, Rockie Fresh and RAC individually. You've got it.  The first EP to be released, Only One Place to Get It, produced by RZA, will drop on on May 14th. The studio will also host a series of intimate listening events with the talent and fans, so keep an ear and an eye out for more news from this pretty cool project.

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