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26 Aug 2021

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Dozens of Sneaker and Designer Brands Protected by eBay Canada’s Authenticity Guarantee

eBay Canada Authenticity Guarantee
eBay Canada Authenticity Guarantee
eBay Canada Authenticity Guarantee
eBay Canada Authenticity Guarantee

With over 500,000 live sneaker listings online at any given time, Canadian sneakerheads are spoilt for choice when buying and selling on eBay. And now their experience is even more secure than before, after the popular online trading platform recently expanded their Authenticity Guarantee to cover 40 different sportswear and luxury sneaker brands bought and sold for over $100 CAD. For a limited time only, eBay Canada will be covering all costs of the authentication process, meaning not only buying legit sneakers on the platform is safe, but selling them also attracts no fees! Here’s a quick rundown of how it works.

Upon completion of a sale, sneakers eligible for the Authenticity Guarantee are sent to eBay Canada’s verification centre in Toronto, whereby they undergo stringent inspections by expert partners Sneaker Con. Beyond the physical legit checks, the authenticators also ensure the shoes are the actual pair specified in the listing. After this process, the sneakers are then shipped expressly to the buyer with a special eBay NFC tag attached, which contains proof of authenticity.

Beyond the big names of the sportswear world like Nike, Jordan Brand, and Yeezy that are heavily vetted under the Authenticity Guarantee, the program now also includes close evaluation of high-end international brands. This includes names like Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Versace, Maison Margiela, and visvim, plus many more under the total of 40 labels that eBay are authenticating. Any sneaker from these brands – in both new and pre-owned condition – that sells for $100 CAD or more is covered by the Authenticity Guarantee.

Sellers are also protected in the event the buyer chooses to return their purchase. Returned sneakers undergo the same inspection process before making their way back to the original seller in the exact condition as they were sold, ensuring peace of mind for all parties involved. In addition to this Authenticity Guarantee, eBay are waiving seller fees for Canadian sneakerheads! It’s a better time than ever to flip heat.

If half a million listings aren’t enough to pick from, Canadian sneakerheads can access even more prospective pairs from their North American neighbours which, of course, are also covered by eBay’s Authenticity Guarantee. This also applies on the flipside, with Canadian sellers not needing to worry about authenticity or fees, because it’s all covered by eBay!

In the mood to buy and sell some sneakers with confidence and no fees? Hop on eBay right now!

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