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28 Aug 2007

Industry News

Doze Green Exhibition

Doze Green Exhibition 2

"That’s right kids. I have the pleasure of announcing that none other than Doze Green will be hosting an exhibition of recent work at Paper Shadow Gallery on Friday the 7th. Neat. Due to its size, the collection will be presented both within the Paper Shadow and downstairs throughout Miss Libertines who, yet again has graciously opened her doors to the Melbourne art massive yet again. If she were a real woman, right about now I’d be buying her dinner and attempting to seem witty with small talk in a vain hope to get some action. She’s a special lady." Alex M. Koan

The exhibition will be presented and launched on Friday 7th Sept from 6pm until 9:30
and then will find itself on rotation at Paper Shadow for the following 2 weeks.

After party will kick on at Miss Libertines and will feature James Lavelle (Unkle).

Check for more details closer to the date of the launch. Nice.

28 Aug 2007

Industry News

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