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Down To Ride 2
Down To Ride 2
Down To Ride 2

Down To Ride

Down To Ride is the new dope website by Sneaker Freaker alumni Billie Stone and her partner Robert Meinhardt. When two artistic minds occupy one marriage, there is going to be a glass full of creative juices flowing, so when these two love birds decided to launch their website, they didn’t do anything by halves. From their mutual love of guns, weed and women, their awe inspiring pieces are sure to not only spark imagination in any drug induced haze, but have you pulling for you wallet quicker than a good old fashioned gun fight.

We’ve been down with Billie Stone since the inception of Sneaker Freaker, with her art appearing not only in one of our earliest issues, but gracing the pages of our infamous book. After graduating from VCA where she completely sold out her first exhibition, she packed her bong and headed to the bright lights of LA where she relocated with her hubbster Rob Meinhardt. With her roots firmly placed in all that is hip hop, Billie continues to bang out detailed portraits of all that comes with the culture, from leather threaded portraits of Run DMC and Slick Rick, to honour flags of her fallen heroes, onto the heroin chic log imagery of hillbilly America. We can only say we knew her when and give her a swag of pounds for her courageous move to Hollywood.

Rob Meinhardt holds it down with his oil based artwork that screams hot chicks, guns and grillz. Graduating from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2005, he quickly smashed out a plethora of exhibitions showing off his innate portraits of country kin and their kids mixed in with gangsta gun culture. Having moved into the movie arena, Rob’s work can now be seen in The Forgotten City 1 and 2, plus recently in The Ulysses Guide to the LA River.

Hit up their website now, which is constantly being updated with new images and art work, with an online store being set up in the near future!

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