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Dont Ban The Can Melbourne Venue Change 1
Dont Ban The Can Melbourne Venue Change 1
Dont Ban The Can Melbourne Venue Change 1

Don't Ban The Can (Melbourne) Venue Change

This September 20, don't miss Don't Ban the Can, a north side event raising awareness around the impact of the latest installment of anti graffiti laws in Melbourne. Through a healthy mix of excellent local music and an exhibition of approximately 200 prominent local and international artist's works, the team behind Don't Ban the Can support Melbourne's culture and understand the implications of criminalizing the city's prominent arts and cultural base.

Jeremy Gaschk of Don't Ban the Can says 'Melbourne is portrayed as the city of colourful lane-ways, of progressive design and street fashion in tourism campaigns from many government funded bodies. We realise that street art and graffiti is a key contributing factor to the very culture that is bringing interstate and international tourists to our city. We wanted to hold a day celebrating this very fact in a non violent way.' Throughout the day there will be live street art demonstrations by local graffiti artists, DJ's and break dancers. 'This day is about good art, good music and awareness. We encourage all to come down to support our stance on these laws' said Gaschk. PLEASE NOTE VENUE CHANGE BELOW!

Don't Ban the Can
12:00pm - 12:00am, September 20
Clifton Park, Victoria St, Brunswick.
It's a 300 meter walk from Brunswick Station(one stop further then Jewell).

For more information visit www.dontbanthecan.com

Fast Facts
1. Possessing a ‘prescribed graffiti implement’ (section 7). This means a spray paint can.
You CAN be charged with this offence: If you are near or on public transport.
• You have a spray paint can on you or in your bag, car etc.
• It’s no excuse that you weren’t going to do graffiti.
• It is an excuse if you are using it for a job or trade but you’ll have to prove it.
On-the-spot fine of $550 or more OR maximum fine of 25 penalty points ($2,750).

2. SEARCHES (without warrant)
Police have expanded special search powers to search anyone 14 or over who is on or near to public transport
for spray paint cans. Police can:
• Inspect your bag.
• Ask you to remove a coat, hat and shoes.
• Do a ‘pat down’ search.

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