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06 Nov 2007

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Do The Right Print

Do The Right Print 1

Do The Right Print are obviously inspired by all things Jordan and Spike Lee related, but look deeper into the brand and you'll find two Swiss blokes trying to bring a little something to the table, not just tees to match up with your Jordans. We were lucky enough to catch up with the boys and let them wax poetic about their new brand that is making waves not just in Switzerland, but all over the globe. We introduce you to 42 and LaMouk as they endeavour to release their new t-shirt brand that strives for longevity in a culture dominated by hype.

"Our goal is to create t-shirts that make you feel good when worn, and that harmonize with a certain blend of sneaker. Our passion for t-shirts and sneakers motivated us to start our own brand: DTRP

We want a quality label that offers textured and elaborate products, which have been inspired by symbolic places that have left a trace on our memories, Lausanne, Switzerland, its watches, chocolate and myths. For our 1st collection we present 6 pieces developed in one unity of shades and one concept filled with details that tell the story of our inspirations, for example the t-shirt for sneaker addicts which confirms our love for the Jordan IV. This small collection covers a pretty wide arena while keeping edgy visuals so there wont be confusion with products that try to do the same thing
Our Brand wants to position itself in a sector where the industry is getting stronger by the day, where everybody is pushing to get a part of the cake. Our spirit is well situated in this place where the proximity of creativity and productivity is so great, that it is a hard job to stand out from the masses. The quality of execution is where we really stand out, in our product as a whole, which aims to bring optimum quality at all production stages. From the visuals that are analysed and reviewed by textile professionals and street wear connoisseurs to the printing process all of which is done by us. We control all stages, from the graphic concept through to the choice of textile, to the screen-printing, until we reach a product that meets our standards.

DTRP consists of two lads: 42, a graphic designer and screen printer who’s been working with textiles since the beginning of the 21st century and LaMouk, a natural screen printer who lends a strong hand in developing the brand and its communication.
Our passion for sneakers and t-shirts has become a symbolic value that has to be able to affirm our identity and our will to make something good. We have no desire to have our brand become a fashion statement, but more likely to offer a product that people like to wear without asking themselves questions and without sequential effect. We would never produce a shirt we haven’t approved of or one that we wouldn't wear ourselves, because the t-shirt has to reflect ones spirit, like ones sneakers…well, show me your t-shirt and I will tell you who you are!"

06 Nov 2007

Industry News

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