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14 Aug 2007

Industry News

Dmc World Comp - Aus Finals

Dmc World Championships Australian Finals 1

It's that time of year again when DJ's from all over the globe come out of hiding to compete for the ultimate in DJ titles, the DMC Champion! We were fortunate enough to talk to reigning Australian Champion DJ Perplex and newly named Victorian Champion DJ A-Styles, who took time out of their intense training, to talk about spinning, winning, and yes yes ya'll sneakers!!!! Its the ultimate showdown as these two cats take on Sneaker Freaker's crab scratchin' questions!

And in the right corner weighing in at "the skills to pay the bills" we have DJ PERPLEX

So you are the man that everyone will be watching come the Australian DMC Finals…not to put any pressure on you, put how are you feeling going into the comp?
There is a lot more hype this year compared to previous years witch makes it a bit different. Obviously there is more pressure to out do last year’s performance. I have really tried to up the level with my set this time around. I’ve been working on it all year! I’ve constructed the routine not just for the Australian finals but also for the world finals. So I guess I’m feeling pressure on an international level!

Do you think you’ll keep battling until you’ve won the World Championships?
That’s a hard question. The better I do with battling the less hungry I get. You reach goals and once you get there, priorities shift. I would love to get to that final goal of wining the world finals, we’ll have to wait and see.

Having said that, what position did you reach last year?
I got 6th which I was happy with. I thought I should have done even better but that’s how it goes. I performed the routine tighter at the world finals than I did at the Australian finals so I was stocked on that. I proved to myself that I can get down on an international stage.

Do you get all the satisfaction you think you deserve when you work so hard on a routine to perfect it, and then it really only comes down to that six minute set. Your concentration levels must be so on point, considering in OZ our crowds get REALLY into crowd participation and are such a key element on who wins the competition.
It’s a very small window of time to do your thing. But that’s how it’s always been, it’s the format and you work with it. You can pack a lot of heat into 6 mins! The crowd thing is interesting. At the world finals I realised how much the crowd plays in a judge’s decision. My steez has always been you have to have all aspects covered.

Who will this years judges be and has anyone ever tried to “fix” the comp before?
I’m not sure who will be judging this year, I do know there’s going to be a bigger panel then previous years. Like at least 12 judges and several from interstate.

Are you looking to A-Styles from VIC as your biggest competition in the finals?
Nah there’s this dude DJ B2.WO who I’m really watching out for. He’s on an international level with his stuff and I know he takes it deadly serious. I’ll be watching out for him at the Australian finals for sure.

How do you go about topping last years winning performance, and how much has your battling evolved since last year?
The second time round, you will always be comparing it to the first time. This year I’ve got more to lose but my set is much stronger than last year. I’m going to be focusing on wining the Australian’s but preparing myself and my set for the world finals.

What will you be doing the day of the comp? Do you sit back and chill or are you practising right up to the last minute?
This year I will probley be practising all day. Then I gotta got pick my brother up from the airport, he flying down from the ACT to come support. It’s going to be a good night.

Last words for your competitors?
I ain’t no joke!!!

And in the left corner weighing in at a massive Nike collection is DJ A-STYLES

Congrats on your VIC Final Win! So now the next step for you is to battle the reigning champ DJ Perplex for the Aussie Final…without giving too much away, what are you going to bring to the table that will set you apart from all the other competitors?
More awesomeness.

You’ve been playing around clubs for ages now and have quite a few nights that you resident at right now…what do you prefer? Having people jamming and rocking the party, or having a silent room of observers watching your every move?
If I was a true AUS hip hop DJ I’d have to say that I like being in a room full of bogan men lookin at my every move and discussing how real my set was… but the truth is I’m not, I just love what I do, I play to satisfy my own ears, keep the dancefloor moving and I love showin off. The best possible atmosphere is where the room is bouncing with heaps of people and they’re appreciating the diversity of tunes and all the skill your bringin to the tables.

How long was your prep time? I hear that some peeps lock themselves away in their room for a solid year, repeating the same routine til you can do it blindfolded?
In all honesty, I’m the lazier kinda DJ, I did about 1 and a half months prep time. But it is true, there are some cats out there that will do the battle thing all year round… Much respect to them, but I’m still gonna win. [laughs]

Why do you think we never see any chicks competing in the comp? We had Dj Krisy do her thang back in day, but since then, no other ladies have stepped to the plate.
There actually was another female battler in the 05 DMC comp, it was DJ D from Sydney, she actually tore shit up really well, I gotta lot of respect for that girl, she is really reppin for the female DJ’s out there with all her touring in Europe, Middle-East and Japan… Big ups D!!!

We’ve always had this mutual neck breakin steez when we see each other play, to see what heat we have on our feet. You’re well into your kicks aint ya…is it as deep as your record collecting?
Lately it’s probably gotten a bit deeper than my vinyl collection as I’ve slowed down my digging habits cause of the new wonderous machine called Serato! Serato = more sneakers. Gyeah!

What sneakers will you be rocking at the Final…do you even think about that or are you more focused on your routine….be a hype monkey A!
I am as focused on what sneakers ima rep as well as my routine, it’s a must! Can’t win no DMC comp in a pair of trashers, my feet gotta bring the heat as well as my fingers that night!

It makes sense you’d have a killer collection of sneakers, after all you are Weapon X and Ken Hell’s tour DJ…how has that experience been for you? The mixtapes that you’ve brought out have been insane!
Workin with X’n’Hell has been one of the biggest turning points in my DJ career. Joining that crew has opened my eyes in so many ways, specially towards sneakers… hehe. It has givin me an opportunity to hit a wider audience outside the clubs and touch on my production with the Scar-Non mixtapes. Workin with them has enabled me to travel to Asia, New Zealand, tour with and support so many numerous acts, in all its been a real blessing.

Any pre-battle rituals for the Australian Finals?
Pray to the sneaker gods and to the turntable angels, then eat some KFC… It helped me win the Vic finals so why break any habits!

What would you do with a gold plated Technics 1200, I’m assuming that it still is the big winning prize…do you even get two? Or is it just the one?
Yeah, its still 2, but you only get them if you win the World comp. I guess if I won those, I’d sell 1 to get some rare-ass kicks! 1 gold turntable is good enough for me. [laughs]

Last words to your competitors?
Don’t let the glare from my Jordan V tongue blind ya as I’m accepting the 1st place prize mofo’s!

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14 Aug 2007

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