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DJ Khaled Reveals CLOT x Nike Air Max 1 ‘Kiss of Death’ Colab Retro

DJ Khaled CLOT Nike Air Max 1 Kiss of Death 2021 Retro

In his own words, DJ Khaled is ‘still in the meeting’ with Nike. The music mogul took to Instagram to flex a new pair of Air Max 1s among his latest shipment of seeded product. AM1 fans will immediately recognise the shoes as an apparent retro of CLOT’s ‘Kiss of Death’ collaboration from 2006 – so it would appear the rumours of a retro are true.

The ‘Kiss of Death’ is among one of the most valuable and limited AM1 releases ever, and is super distinct too. Back in the mid-2000s, Nike experimented with ‘NL’ (No Liner) versions of their iconic Air Max runner, spawning a handful of suede and leather options, but the CLOT colab was the most ambitious. The Hong Kong brand’s subversion of the silhouette included a very lifestyle-oriented beige suede upper, red snakeskin Swooshes, orange accents, and – oh yeah – see-through toe boxes. It was the 2000s after all. The insoles and ice outsoles display references to reflexology and pressure points – a popular practice in the Far East. It looks like this retro will more or less be a one-to-one remake, albeit with a new shoebox.

Included with DJ Khaled’s pair is a handwritten note from the CLOT team, who pretty much confirm the reissue of their sought-after colab. The message includes a reference to Air Max Day 2021, so the odds are very good that Nike will be packing some heat come March.

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