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Dj Khaled Jordans

Dj Khaled Goes Swimming In Jordans Again

If you ever need proof that simply hustling hard as hell will get you what you want, look at DJ Khaled. The man appears to have almost no talents to speak of and is embarrassingly consistently uncool, but has still managed to somehow make a career of screaming over songs that other people made the music for and rap on. The dude works hard, and his all-star homies clearly appreciate his grind, and so must Jordan Brand, because he's always repping the freshest retro pairs before release. He's got so many Js he doesn't even care about them, he hits the gym in them, probably sleeps in them and now we see him dive into the ocean in a pair (not the first time). Watch the clip below he posted to his Instagram, and don't be a hater 'cos he ruined a pair of Powder Blue 3s, just know that he the best and he can do what he want.

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