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Dj Khaled And Champs Sports Secure Collaboration With Timberland

DJ Khaled is backing up his tasty Air Jordan 8 colab by linking with Champs Sports for a take on a Timberland Boot. Based on Khaled’s quirks, this ‘Secure the Bag’ Timb is covered in cash-green to complement the one ‘They call' Billy’s wallet. Considering that one of DJ Khaled’s major keys is working harder, this boot is full fully equipped to put in the hard yards. The durable rubber lug outsole provides traction, rustproof hardware gives the boot longer lasting wear and anti-fatigue technology underfoot allows you to rack up win after win without tiring.

Khaled doesn’t do anything in half measures and has even cooked up an 8-bit game to launch alongside the shoe. In Secure The Bag you play as Khaled riding a jet ski through Miami, and traverse through three time zones collecting Timbs.

The DJ Khaled x Champs Sports x Timberland Boot is available on January 25 from Champs Sports.

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