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Dj Clark Kent Mini Interview

Dj Clark Kent Mini Interview 3

Clark Kent took time out of his hectic schedule of spinning tunes, designing kicks and shopping in bulk to give Sneaker Freaker an exclusive mini interview on his Nike 112 Pack. Known for his jaw dropping collection of Nike AF1’s and his prowess behind the decks, Nike have finally given the Superman of Sneakers his own pack, because as we all know, one shoe is never enough.

Hey Clark, how's life in the fast lane?
I must say I'm Blessed and Highly Favored, Thank God! I am loving my life right now!

The first time we spoke to you in NY a few years back you had just copped 20 pairs of the same European exclusive Nike AF1! Are you still buying bulk pairs of the same shoe?
Yes, if I like a shoe, I will want to have a bunch of new pairs. Therefore they are always FRESH when I wear them (I admit it's a little excessive, but we all have an addiction, don't we? Ha ha!)

You're best known for your love of Air Force One - whose idea was it to branch out and represent some other Nike classics? Who came up with the concept of the 112 pack?
I always wanted to design a shoe for Nike. So, when I got the chance, Air Force 1 was the FIRST AND ONLY thought. When Astor Chambers (Nike) sat me down to discuss doing the shoe, he challenged me to do a "ONE's" pack. I accepted. Yes, I am an Air Force 1 man but I am also an Air Max 1 guy. But, I never was a Air Trainer dude. The hardest part was designing an Air Trainer 1 that I would actually wear. As far as the concept, the "112" name represents where I have lived for most of my life in Brooklyn, NY. (The numbers 112 are the first three numbers of every Brooklyn Zip Code.)

I love the Trainer One, it's definitely one of my favorite Nikes, probably a little on the down low compared to some of their more well known icon models. What made you choose the AT1, was it just to fit the numerical theme?
Trainer 1's were, are and always will be a part of all "ONE's" Packs. Historically and numerically it make perfect sense. Air Force 1, Air Max 1, Air Trainer 1, "The 1's"

There's a lot of shoes been done in the past five difficult was it to settle on the 3M, elephant print, neon yellow/grey combo?
No difficulty at all as I designed the shoe ten years ago. I was waiting on my chance. As far as materials, there had been shoes with 3M/Reflective, shoes with elephant print, even some with neon yellow. But, NEVER have they been on the same shoe. The idea was to put undeniable colours and materials together and make a HOT and very wearable shoe. I think I did ok.

Was this 112 pack your first official attempt at a collab with Nike? I had a feeling you might have put together some Air Forces along the way...
This was the first set of shoes I designed by myself. Together with Astor Chambers and Marc Dolce I have worked on the Video Music Box 25th Anniversary Air Force 1 (Hyperstrike). I'm working on some other projects now with the Nike Design Team.

How is your sneaker obsession shaping up? Is it getting ridiculous now considering how many exclusive, limited releases, and GR sneakers that are dropping?
The obsession lives on! I'm still buying and hunting for kicks, that won't stop! It will never get worse than it was two years ago, haha!!! Though I will admit, it's pretty crazy again!

Thanks Clark

Pics courtesy of Sneaker News and Kix And The City

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