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Discover the Secrets of the Swoosh in ‘Nike: Better is Temporary’ Book

Nike Better is Temporary
Nike Better is Temporary
Nike Better is Temporary
Nike Better is Temporary

Nike have just launched a new book titled Nike: Better is Temporary, which delves into the brand’s latest design innovations and the thinking behind them. Authored by Sam Grawe, and published through heritage company Phaidon, this is an intimate look behind the scenes at Nike World Headquarters.

According to Nike Chief Design Officer, John Hoke, the book’s title is derived from his belief that the ‘central thesis of Nike is “The best is temporary at best.”’ And it shows, as the juggernauts out of Beaverton, Oregon have definitely pushed the envelope for close to 50 years now.

From the small teasers above, it looks like some of Nike’s most recent products and technologies will be explored, such as the ISPA and Space Hippie programs.

Nike: Better is Temporary is divided into five major chapters: performance, brand expression, collaboration, inclusive design, and sustainability. On the point of sustainability, the book is an exercise in minimalism, with only the bare essential amount of packaging used, while the covers are made from cardboard, and the woven book spine is left exposed.

A small allocation of Nike: Better is Temporary is available now from Phaidon, but a wider release will come on January 25, 2021.

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