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Diplo To Break Non-Existent Twerking Record

The ancient art of twerking suffered significant damage last night caused by an horrific fall after jumping the shark at the MTV VMAs. Diplo, a DJ who helped the dance trend reach critical mass, apparently rushed to the scene to resuscitate the fallen thigh shake and is now refusing to let it die with dignity. He announced today that he will attempt to break the world record for most people twerking at the same time this weekend at the Electric Zoo festival in NYC, and as there's not currently a listing in the Guinness Book of Records we think he's going to do just fine. While the sight of a mass amateur twerk will definitely be worth the laffs, Diplo knows that twerking is best when in the hands (and legs) of the qualified so he's putting a call out to New York's finest. He will give out fifty tickets to the festival for the best twerking video submissions and invite the new posse up on stage to create a very special twerk wall (see above). If you think you've got the assets and are of legal twerking age (18+), you can send your efforts to [email protected] Or send 'em to us – you won't win anything but.

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