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Dim Mak 1
Dim Mak 1
Dim Mak 1

Dim Mak Collection

Dim Mak Collection is Steve Aoki's clothing line that grew out of the t-shirt line for Dim Mak's bands. Two years later it's struck the hearts of club and concert goers alike all across the globe with the iconic Off The Chains tee and the Dino hoodies that took the all-over-print hoodie world by storm two years ago. Dim Mak Collection is about to drop another series of bombs on the graphic tee world with its new Spring/Summer line, including a new Pillowface & His Airplane Chronicles-inspired hoodie.

In the meantime, Dim Mak Collection has been rolling out the Artist Series line including collabos with the Klaxons, Pase Rock, The Deadly Syndrome, Fools Gold, and Kid Sister. The Kid Sister Pro Nails t-shirt has been a hot head-turner for fans, consumers, and stores altogether. The artwork was done by Dust La Rock from the Fools Gold family and has been selling like hotcakes.

Dim Mak show all the ladies mad love with a limited quantity of size XL and XXL available in women's for all the fly girls out there on their site, so no need to rock a men's large and cut this puppy up to customize the look you need, Dim Mak do all the dirty work for you.

For stockists, online orders and more images hit up  www.dimmakcollection.com

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