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03 Jun 2009

Industry News

Diesel:u:music 2009

Dieselumusic 2009 1

Fancy yourself as the next or ? Then hit up Diesel’s music website U:Music and get your tracks heard in over 400 Diesel stores worldwide with the chance to go on an international tour, performing in front of thousands of people! Just like MySpace discovered and made Lily Allen a superstar, Diesel has been showcasing and developing worldwide talent since 2001. Want to know more on how you can get your music heard and have the chance to become part of the industry? Hit up and enter the competition before this Friday to be in the running! Read below for more information.

Here's how it works. The hub of DIESEL:U:MUSIC is the website,, part of the Diesel web community that counts over a million visitors per month. This social networking platform allows bands to share their music, promote their concerts and interact with fans, providing musicians with amazing visibility. They can also enter a competition to take part in the global tour later in the summer. Visitors to the site can download free music and learn about events via the D:U:M calendar. And the site gives the music business direct access to a wellspring of talent, a huge benefit to both parties.

From May on, a new DIESEL:U:MUSIC radio station will broadcast music by D:U:M artists on the site and in all 400 Diesel stores worldwide. Contents will begin streaming live 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week, to support the upcoming tour.

Finally, two selected talents will tour from July to November across the world's greatest cities - including Berlin, Paris, Madrid, London, Tokyo and New York - to promote their music alongside established local music names. A jury of musicians, journalists and industry professionals will choose the line-up, with the winners to be announced in June. And the concerts will be broadcast to millions online.

03 Jun 2009

Industry News

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