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Diesel Planet Launches 1
Diesel Planet Launches 1
Diesel Planet Launches 1

Diesel Planet Launches

Diesel is pleased to announce the opening of a new Planet located at 685 Fifth Avenue on the corner of 54th Street in New York City, the largest in the world. The new addition to the Diesel family will show its signature logo, for the first time, three stories high, on the side of the exterior façade. Three layers of hand-cut black steel with cast glass will intertwine to form the logo. Diesel will change the 'face' of Fifth Avenue by using high tech special effects to bring the brand to life day and night.

This 20,000 square-foot Planet will feature three selling floors showcasing Diesel and Diesel Black Gold collections. Diesel is offering several one-of-a-kind features in their new outpost. Customers will have the option of customizing the inside waistband of denim purchases with their name, or initials, using a never before offered service that uses laser-etching technology. Additionally, customers can step up to a number of magic mirrors located within the denim areas. When a customer looks into the full-length mirror, a snapshot is taken so one can check out their backside while looking into the mirror from front-on. Diesel will also offer many services including same day alterations with tailoring done on-site; messenger service; store-wide Wi-Fi; e-commerce portals where customers can shop at www.diesel.com and have product shipped for free to the 5th Avenue store.

In celebration of the Diesel Fifth Avenue Store opening, Diesel is putting on the FIVE on FIVE Diesel Dinner Series which will take place February 16-20, each night at 8pm. Dinners will take place in the west-facing window of the store that looks out onto 5th Avenue. The huge window will be displayed as an apartment by day, and by evening the window transforms into a dining room where guests who epitomize New York City will be sitting down to eat. From the Giants football team to a Club Kids night with Richie Rich and Kenny Kenny, anyone passing the store will be able to peak into the intimate dinners. The concept is sure to turn consumers on their heads, so hit up Diesel, to find out more.

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