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Did Kanye Steal the Idea for His Latest Yeezy Ad

Kanye Supermoon Ad Diet Prada 1Kanye Supermoon Ad Diet Prada 1

has been accused of biting his recent 'Supermoon Yellow' . Instagram account diet_prada are known for calling out copycats in the fashion industry, and have translated their encyclopaedic knowledge of collections into a legion of followers. You don’t want them to go after you — as Kanye can now attest to.

Seeing Kanye’s new, provocative Yeezy ad, they drew comparison to a shoot by Rita Minissi and posted some compelling evidence.

While the images do look very similar, there’s a chance that Kanye, a prolific sampler, has already sussed royalties permitting him to recreate the style. If not, he’s got some explaining to do.

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