Dessert Shoe
Dessert Shoe
Dessert Shoe

Dessert in a Shoe: Israeli Chef's Major Faux Pas

Yes, you read that headline correct! Israeli celebrity chef Moshe Segev found himself in hot water after serving the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, dessert in a shoe. Abe was served the unusual treat at a formal dinner with Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, last week. The move has garnered major backlash, given Japanese custom to remove one's shoes before entering a residence.

An unidentified Japanese diplomat slammed the decision as unfunny and stated that 'we are offended on behalf of our prime minister.' An unidentified senior Israeli official, called it 'insensitive' and 'disrespect of the first order'.

To be fair, the shoes themselves were metal and not a pungent pair of worn-out beaters. Still, the artist behind the unusual vessel, Tom Dixon, sells the shoes as doorstops. Give us a trusty old plate any day!

Via Huffington Post

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