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Design Extra Butter's Next Saucony Colab

Extra Butter Saucony Social Design 11Extra Butter Saucony Social Design 11
Extra Butter For The People Design Vote 3
Extra Butter For The People Design Vote 1
Extra Butter For The People Design Vote 4
Extra Butter For The People Design Vote 2
Extra Butter Saucony Social Design 1

UPDATE: Guys, if you want to help out Extra Butter create the most democratic sneaker collaboration of all time head to their Instagram right now to vote. Check out the candidates in the gallery above, which silhouette do you want to see as the canvas?

Extra Butter announced their latest project on Instagram earlier today, an exciting collaboration with Saucony where you the fans can decide on the final design. Here's what the guys from the LES boutique had to say about the 'social experiment on their Instagram profile:

We are proud to formally announce that the “For The People” social design experiment, is an official collaboration between Extra Butter, Saucony and YOU! Inspired by the democratic voting system, for the first time in collaboration history, the entire creative and design process will be entirely governed by the public via social media. Throughout the next upcoming weeks, we will be posting options for various elements of the shoe design, where people will cast their votes in the comment section of each respective post. Stay tuned for more info and be prepared to speak your voice!"

This will be very interesting to keep an eye out as the project comes into fruition, what do you guys think?

- Originally Published May 6th, 2015

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