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03 Feb 2010

Industry News

Dave White Anniversary!

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Print Release 8 Year Anniversary 2010
Celebrating the 8 Year Anniversary since Dave White first immortalised a sneaker image onto canvas in his trademark expressive pop art style, the Dave White Studio is announcing the release of exclusive print editions. Strictly limited and based on some of the most revered and iconic paintings created since 2002, these artworks capture a moment in history when ‘sneaker art’ made its debut appearance.

The paper print release will be only be  an edition of 20 of each image, which will come personally signed and numbered. There is also an option to have these hand finished by Dave, giving his signature trademark application and texture to the print to elevate them to unique and individual works of art. Hand Finished prints are the most valuable for future investment.

The studio is also releasing a very small edition (10 per image) of bespoke canvas prints which come from the world’s specialists in canvas reproduction. These are identical in size to the original paintings and the hand finishing option takes them as close as it gets to owning an original piece at a fraction of the cost. Standard prints come with a studio signature and number, whilst hand finished editions are personally numbered and signed.

All enquiries should be emailed to [email protected] for full details/images/pricing and availability!

03 Feb 2010

Industry News

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