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Das Monk Tshirts 1
Das Monk Tshirts 1
Das Monk Tshirts 1

Das Monk Tshirts

DAS MONK was born in a monastery just outside the rural town of Strudelberg, Germany, in 1982. From a very early age, DAS realised he was different to all the other little monks. While everyone else was out cheerfully milking the cows and attending to the hens, DAS would lie out in the hay, dreamily drawing monsters and dinosaurs. And while they were all on their knees praying, DAS was yearning for a place where people didn't wear sacks for robes, but the finest cotton in the land, tapered perfectly in a style that was comfortable and pleasing to the eye. Then one day at supper time, as he sifted through his watery peas, DAS could take it no more. He flung down his bowl and screamed "I WANT TO MAKE T-SHIRTS".

Nobody said a word. Largely because all the other monks had taken a vow of silence, but he could see it in their eyes - he did not belong there. And he had to leave.

DAS fled to Sydney, Australia, far away from the hens and monotony of monastery life. A delightful land of colour and flair, where t-shirts aren't frowned upon, but embraced. So now DAS is in heaven. DAS attends gigs, surfs the waves, plays scrabble with his buds, and of course, makes t-shirts. So finally DAS has found his spiritual enlightment, and for 45 bucks a pop, you too can help DAS MONK keep on living the dream...

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