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Danish Custom Sneaker Expo 1
Danish Custom Sneaker Expo 1
Danish Custom Sneaker Expo 1

Danish Custom Sneaker Expo

Aces High Tattoo and Sneakfreak.com is proud to present the first Danish Custom Airbrush Sneaker Expo. Opening August 2nd and going through to August 17th at Plain Art Gallery Copenhagen, the expo will feature work by Danish airbrush artists Camillo45 and ALXX of Aces High Tattoo, in collaboration with sneakfreak.com.

Gaining increasing international recognition for their high-end custom airbrush sneaker art pieces, Camillo45 has been producing custom airbrush sneakers for sneakfreak.com customers for the last 2 years, putting out some absolute unique eye popping sneakers. All customs are wearable and fully street ready, but as a cherished possession to the buyers, often only get displayed in private and as such not visible in the street. This plans to change with the gallery expo, displaying a string of top-themed productions, a visual melting pot of tattoo, street, graffiti and contemporary art. Aces High have been doing custom airbrush artwork for companies like adidas, Diesel, Eastpak, EMI records (commercial artwork for Robbie Williams 'Rudebox'), Dyhr Hagen cph, samsøe, telia, Footlocker and Carlsberg. Sneakfreak.com is Copenhagen's top vintage and deadstock sneakerpimp since 2002.

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