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Damn! Warren Lotas Sold Over $10 Million Worth of His 'Nike Dunk' Sneakers

warren lotas sneakers nike dunk
via @theloopjc

The saga continues… In a recent filing, LA-based designer Warren Lotas has asked the court to reconsider and/or modify its granting in part of Nike's preliminary injunction. At present, Lotas is trying to replace pre-orders for his Dunk bootlegs with a Warren Lotas Reaper sneaker. Amid the latest developments comes some interesting insights into the actual sales of Lotas’ controversial customs.

Lotas has stated that he’s processed 29,000 refunds for his Staple x WL Pigeon and WL Broccolini sneakers, with each pair retailing for $300, and also credited an additional 7,000 pre-orders to be replaced with the Reaper. That equates to approximately 36,000 total orders, bringing the total gross figure to about $10,800,000!

Despite the Dunk bootlegs being barred from sale, Lotas is hoping to fulfil the Reaper replacements, stating that he could lose $2,100,000 in revenue if the court rules against him.

‘The Reaper is a radically different sneaker,’ said Lotas application for reconsideration.

‘It contains no Swoosh, no panels and stitching that mimic the Dunk trade dress, and has a differently-designed outsole that features the skull and scythe of the grim reaper. Nike’s effort to convert the Court’s injunction against the accused sneakers into an injunction against an entirely new shoe –where there has been no showing anyone is confused – is inappropriate and warrants an order from the court.’

Looks like this is far from being over…


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