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Dam Funk 646 1
Dam Funk 646 1
Dam Funk 646 1

Dam Funk Giveaway!

Stones Throw's sneaker lovin' artist Dam Funk is on his way down under to spread the good vibes with a host of shows. Bursting on to the scene in 08-09, Dâm (pronounced 'Dame', as in Damon) won over a slew of fans from Disco-Boogie aficionados, the Beat scene, hardcore Hip Hop heads and Hipsters alike with his debut 12" 'Burgundy City/Galactic Fun. In 2009, he was one of Stones Throw busiest artists, putting out so much material you'd think he was giving Madlib a run for his money!

His Monday night Funkmosphere club night is the stuff made of legends. From record-dealer types with obscene collections to a heavily bearded Joaquim Phoenix and beyond, it's the spot that everyone is trying to get in to. But Dâm's roots go well back to a time before 'Disco' was a cool word. Local collective The Operatives present the show along with Niche Productions - check the information below for tickets and further details!

We have two double passes to giveaway in our Win Win section, so get your thinking caps on and get in it to win it!!!

Beatnick "Live"
Sean Deans
Galapagoose "Live"
Opulent DJs
Inkswel (Wax Museum Records)

Roxanne Parlour
Level 3 2 Coverlid Place
$25 Early Bird (limited till april 1st), $30 Full release, More on Door

Tickets available:


Cutting his teeth as a session keyboard player for artists of the G-Funk era like Mack 10, MC Eight and Westside Connection, you can easily hear his hip-hop roots in songs like 'Hood Pass Intact', and even though he dresses the part, don't expect Dâm to get all thugged out on us out here on his debut tour. Dâm-Funk promotes love, spirituality, astrology and good vibes with his music and his open and outward personality - if you've ever heard him be interviewed or seen live clips online, you will know he is very generous with his time.

Calling his sound 'Modern Funk', Dâm-Funk's live show takes in both his impeccable DJ mixing style as well as a Live-PA style side which includes vocals and keyboards, showcasing both the original material he writes and records, and the records which have inspired him.

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