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Crooks X Monopoly Square

Crooks & Castles Launch Their Own Monopoly Game

Crooks & Castles have immortalised the life of Gs on the West Side in a new LA-themed game of Monopoly. The game board has been thugged out with C & C's black bandana cloaking the core plate, and there are custom cards and game tokens, while the train stations have been replaced with Bullet Trains, Executive Heli-Pads and Yacht Harbors. It's about that life. Property costs more too, and you can get 50 thousand dollar notes – if only they existed in real life, our wallets would be so much lighter, it's tiring carting all this cheese around. To celebrate the special real deal Monopoly-licensed release, Culture Kings are hosting a a live in store game run-through with plenty of Crooks giveaways, drinks & DJs. It's a night about that life. It's all going down tomorrow night at 6pm at CK's store on Queen Street. You're welcome to head along and pop bottles for freeskis, sounds better than Fruity Lexia pre-sinkage to us.

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