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Crep Protect Presents: Sneaker Freaker Swap Meet 2015 Recap

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Sneakerheads from around the country flocked to Globe Warehouse last Sunday for the annual Sneaker Freaker Swapmeet, this time presented by our friends at  Crep Protect. As everyone arrived early to set up we already felt that this would be another huge event; with more vendors and more space than ever before, by the 10am start the place was already jam packed with fiends trying to pick up early scores, and as the day went on thousands of people turned out for the biggest celebration of sneaker culture this side of the equator! A big shout out to our family at Crep Protect and Globe for helping us put on another record event, special thank yous to all the wonderful food trucks that came down to feed everyone and a huge pat on the back to the Sneaker Freaker extended family for coming together to make sure the event went along without a hitch. For those that couldn't make it, check the gallery above to see what you missed out! We can't wait to make the next one even bigger!

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