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G Shock Ga100 1 A2
G Shock Ga110 Gb 1
G Shock G7900 1
G Shock Ga100 1 A4
G Shock Ga110 1 B

Countdown: The Highest Selling G-Shocks Of The Last 5 Years

G-Street has been bringing you the latest G-Shock releases and G-Shock news for five years now (they chalked up that anniversary on the low-low just a few days ago!) and they're stoked that their website birthday lined up with our Facebook page hitting 100K likes! They kicked off the celebrations yesterday by showing love to theur wonderful community through a monster G-Shock Collector's Corner article, featuring one of their favourite contributors, Terry Soo, and now they're gonna show you the watches that Aussies have been digging the most over the 'G-Street Era'. In the gallery above you can see the top 5 highest selling G-Shocks of the last five years. For model numbers and info on each, check their article out ,here.

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