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Could Colour Shifting Sneakers Be A Future Trend?

The whole livelihood of the sneakersphere as we know it depends on the plethora of colourways that are constantly dropping. Like any addiction, we need to be able to regularly refresh our supply of the product we're fiending over, but one tech start-up upstart may have a new invention that could scare the big shoes brands. It's the equivalent of the E-Cigarette, providing just one commodity that can effectively satisfy our desires for variety without going to the store for the re-up every week. London's +rehabstudio has designed a concept for shoes that can change colours according to the whims of the owner, simply through a smartphone app. It's all pretty-looking hypotheticals right now, but the idea isn't as crazy as it may first appear – there are already 'thermochromic fabrics' that can change colours through chemical reactions. We may not be far off this advent.

What would it mean for the sneaker industry, though? We think there will be a hunger for authentic retro shapes and legit materials for a long, long time, but the advent of this technology could definitely create a huge shift (lolll) in the way the masses buy sneaks. Will we just buy the silhouette, download an app of the brand that made it, and re-create our favourite colourways and forge new schemes with the flicka the wrist? Watch this space shift, I guess. Get more info on this story at Digital Trends.

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