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Converse's Top Marketing Exec Leaves for Supreme

Converse Supreme ThimbConverse Supreme Thimb

Amid the turmoil at Beaverton, which has prompted  of nine Nike Inc. employees at or above directorial level in the last 35 days, speculation has escalated regarding the departure of chief marketing officer Julien Cahn. However, Cahn left the company in February, well before their internal probe into misconduct prompted the latest spate of resignations.

According to  Bloomberg, those close to the issue have stated that Cahn left Converse for a top job at  — though the sources wished to remain anonymous. Given the immense growth experienced by the NY brand, which became a billion-dollar company in 2017, it makes sense that they’d be making big time corporate headhunting moves. No doubt time will reveal the details surrounding Cahn’s movements. For now, we can be sure that things are looking good for Supreme, but perhaps not so much for Nike.

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