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12 Oct 2020

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Converse Grow Air-Cleaning ‘City Forests’ Worldwide with Massive Sydney Mural

Elliott Routledge Converse City Forests SydneyElliott Routledge Converse City Forests Sydney
Elliott Routledge Converse City Forests Sydney
Elliott Routledge Converse City Forests Sydney
Elliott Routledge Converse City Forests Sydney
Elliott Routledge Converse City Forests Sydney

Converse recently kicked off the ‘City Forests’ world tour – headlined by their All Star creative partners – to paint humungous murals in urban hotspots. This is more than just a celebration of art and sole: the artworks are helping clean the atmosphere using special light-activated paint that breaks down air pollutants! With installations already set up in cities like Bangkok, Belgrade, and São Paulo, the next stop is Sydney!

Local artist Elliott Routledge has added to his numerous building tags throughout Sydney by throwing down some massive masterstrokes on Cathedral Street in the inner-city suburb of Woolloomooloo. Inspired by the lush Daintree rainforest in Australia’s north-east, Routledge's artwork has brought a bit more greenery into Sydney, with the key message, ‘Trees are the Answer’. Better yet, this artwork is cleaning the air to the equivalent power of 183 trees – adding to the 2500-plus the ‘City Forests’ have helped ‘plant’ worldwide!

You can support Converses local effort by purchasing limited edition Rainforest Rescue patches, with 100 per cent of proceeds going towards the charity of the same name to support local forest conservation. These patches can be attached to clothing and your Chucks!

The paint is known as Boysen KNOxOUT, and is modelled on the natural process of photosynthesis, whereby plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. In a similar manner, this paint contains compounds that are activated by UV light, which absorb and break down airborne contaminants, like nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds, into harmless substances – e.g. dirt.

Converse are just getting started with growing their ‘City Forests’ – they’re scouting for locations all over the world. And Sydney won’t be the only Australian location with a ‘City Forest’, as Converse are currently scouting for an ideal Melbourne location. Keep your eyes open!

Learn more about the Converse ‘City Forests’ program here.

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