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17 Mar 2008

Industry News

Com Raid

Com Raid 2

We went to the man himself, Anthony Costa, to get the lowdown on what the new range means and where Com Raid stands in the street wear game.

"Within the context of the Cold War, 'comrade' was a word that could mean both 'friend' or 'enemy'. For me this duality points to the impossibility of living within other people's words and definitions. That's where 'Com Raid' gets its name. It's all about decisively defining yourself through the things you say and you do, rather than according to what is perceived or said about you. It's about conviction."

"Today everyone seems to want to party, which is cool. But the art and music that I admire most is the stuff that has an edge of conviction to it. It's not kidding with you in an ironic way. It's not ambiguous enough that everyone can buy into it. It's not for everybody. It has been made because it was necessary for the artist to do it. This seems to be the stuff that sticks around, that you don't grow out of once you get it. I hope some of that clear conviction comes through in Com Raid.

Part of that conviction means being a completely immersed part of your art, which is why I like to draw most of Com Raid's designs by hand. The end goal though, for all the words and sentiment, is to make something that looks on point and that free-minded people choose to wear."

About the tees:

"Boycott: The word 'boycott' has a nice warm retro feel for me. The idea of anyone putting their individual principles ahead of making money seems quaintly outdated in today's world. People might be able to make all kinds of political interpretations about this tee, but for me it's about breaking out of the rat race. Boycotting the games we all play to prove to ourselves that we're better than everyone else, which is totally counter to a peaceful, self sufficient existence.

Unity: "United Against Imperialist Aggression". Nice little flip on some 60's Latin American colonialist propaganda.

War Bulls: True lasting justice doesn't come from the barrel of a gun, just like peace doesn't come from a fist. 'Shock and Awe' to me was just another game of cowboys and indians, which is where this tee jumps off.

Black Medal: Competition is great and noble if you can accept the possibility of loosing and you're ok with it. When you can't, it becomes all about desperately winning superiority over others rather than extending your own individual limits, which leads inevitably to a point of breakdown. The Black Medal is for any nation striving for security through global superiority."

Thanks Anthony

17 Mar 2008

Industry News

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