Colette To Close After 20 Years In Business

Sad news from France: Colette are shutting up shop after 20 years in business. Founded in 1997 by Colette Rousseaux, the inimitable and innovative concept store influenced the fashion and retail landscape to an immense degree. With window designs the stuff of retail legend and a knack for combining high fashion and streetwear, Colette's approach hasn’t and most likely won't be replicated anywhere else.

In sneaker spheres, though, they’ll always be remembered for their colabs. The store has worked with nearly everyone in the industry: PUMA, Nike, adidas, Converse, ASICS and Reebok have all worn Colette's blue motif at some point, with Balenciaga's heavily branded Speed Trainer in red being the most recent collaborative creation. The store is set to close its doors on December 20. Why, you ask? Well, Rousseaux is retiring, and according to the store's statement on Instagram, ‘colette can not exist without Colette.’

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