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Cnn Probe Into The Clipse Hiatus

Thumb Clipse

Rappers usually leave groups because they want more time in the spotlight, to suck on that sweet sweet limelight just a little bit harder. Pusha T never really wanted to go solo though, he was keen to keep the Clipse juggernaut powering, but his older brother Malice had one of them gawdamn epiphanies and found God, and refused to rap about cool shit like drugs and hoes anymore. That could only mean one thing – Clipse over. CNN were even curious about how the duo dissolved and sent reporter and lap-cameraman Bill Weir down to Virgina Beach to get the scoop. The five minute story feels like it's been cut from something longer so we don't really learn a whole lot, but it's a decent summary of the Clipse/no Clipse story. Watch it below.

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