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CLOT X Deluxe Western Shirt

Hong Kong's CLOT team up with Japanese street brand Deluxe on this stylish new take on the classic American western shirt. Finely tailored, look out for CLOT's trademark woven silk lining in the hems. Available from February 9th, check out the CLOT online store for more.

Edison Chen: “DELUXE has great attention to detail and great processes of finishing clothing, so they places our CLOT silk in a perfect harmony with the shirt that neither increases or decreases the aesthetic of the shirt but makes the inner workings of this shirt a much higher grade than most others. It is all black because I wanted to make the down low DELUXE feeling to it and they delivered it perfectly, it has subtle tones of a classic western shirt that when you look closely at the detailing you can see the clot twang on it, super perfect for DELUXE as they are dubbed the STREET TAILOR and to see the clot effect you have to look deep into the detailing, I like it.”

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