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Claw Money X Vans - The Story

There's no denying that Claw Money likes to keep busy. One look at her cash roll of collaborations and you begin to wonder... when does this lady chillax? Thank god for her recent Vans launch party in Long Beach, California. A quick tan sesh in the midst of business is the only way to do it for this money maker. From smashing out killer designs for Nike, Boost, My Little Pony and (as we've just learnt) Calvin Klein, next stop is a sweet collection of apparel and footwear for Vans. With more bills to stack, Claw has decided that moving office smack-bang in the middle of all these shenanigans is the only way to go. You thought you worked hard? You ain't got nothing on the hustle of Claw Money!

Hey Claw, how's the big office move going?
Well, at least I'm not dead. Please someone remind me never to move again. I have too much stuff to be making whimsical and fancy free decisions. We are still unpacking boxes!

Does the upscaling daunt you or do you embrace the change of environment and pace with open arms?
I have always bitten off more than I can chew, and somehow still manage to get things done. I thrive off the pressure and the actual tasks of hard work. Really if I have nothing to do, or look forward to, that would be more frightening than piles of looming projects.

Yeah well, not many people would realize just how hard the Claw hustle is... At any given time, how many projects are you working on?
Right now we are working on about three projects for the brand, I'm toying with the idea of starting a new magazine and am about to launch another clothing label. Not to mention making art for gallery shows and styling. Hustle, hustle, hustle. It keeps me young.

It never stops! Most would know the big sneaker brand collabos, but don't generally see the full spectrum of what you do. Just how satisfying is creating and working on projects that might not get as much shine as your Vans colab or your Nike shoe?
I view all my collaborations as different ways to reach a variety of people and demographics. ‘Sneaker culture' has its devout fans with
hundreds upon hundreds of websites and blogs, so sometimes those type of projects get blasted out on a larger level. But we are still a best-kept secret among the uber cool and fashion elite. We are working really hard on changing that. My message is one of empowerment - for women and girls naturally, but really it should inspire anyone male or female, young or old. Mine is a story of a self starter who wouldn't take no for an answer and blasted through stereotypes to say what I had to say. Now I want to bring that message to the masses.

The summer season clothing dropped not long ago, so you've got that kettle of fish to fry as well. How much of the work is delegated to Team Claw and what is your input from a CEO perspective?
So really I couldn't do what I do - which is a little bit of everything and a lot of hullabaloo, without the support of my staff. There are not enough hours in the day to get everything done even when employing a full time staff of four and a bunch of part timers. And we can't
forget our army of interns. They are all important to every aspect of the business. I value everyone's input and am dependent on them to keep things running smoothly so I can look like a true flawless genius.

What 's the most lucrative part of the empire for you in terms of re-investing in the Claw Money brand - is it the clothing line, the collaborations,
All the things I do hinge upon one another, so even if something is not making income it can help the greater good of the brand at large.
The collabos fund the clothing line, the line funds the new businesses and the blog - but they all work together like a big well oiled Ferris
wheel, going round and round.

Speaking of collaborations, tell us about working with Vans. How did this all start popping off? It seems like ages since we first heard you were doing something special with the brand.
I really respect and admire Vans the brand. I also really appreciate that they do concentrate on their womens division with so much love
and care. And I love the team at Vans. I knew them from when I was Fashion Director at Swindle. One day my crew and I were sitting around the office thinking about who we would like to get down with... We were like ‘Yes let's do a Vans!' So I emailed my peeps over there and said, ‘You know what would be awesome? Claw x Vans!' They agreed and we started on the project immediately.

Is it difficult to trend forecast that far in advance?
I don't worry about forecasting as I really feel like I set the pace for a lot of trends. Really you just have to trust your own taste level, jump in feet first and act like you know.

Is this the first time you've designed apparel with the signature Claw icon that wasn't for your own brand?

I actually designed three seasons of a clothing line for a brand way back in 2004 that was just released in Europe that was a ‘Claw' capsule collection. And also my collection of sleepwear and lingerie for Calvin Klein in 2005, so it wasn't so different. But no, I've never made socks - so that was rad.

Tell us about how you chose the silhouettes for the two sneakers in the pack. What makes them connect with the Claw brand?
I chose the silhouettes based off the stuff I'm into right now. I love some low key, non tech low tops and as you already know, I'm a huge fan of all things high tops. But I am sick of the over the top sneakers with super bright colors. I was thinking ‘What do I want to wear?' Something that makes a statement without being too loud, something that sets you apart but doesn't scream ‘Look at me.',

Top it off with some socks, it's a sweet little package... why no skate board? I'm sure there's a bucket load of skater chicks out there who love to shred on a Claw board!
I don't know why we didn't insist on doing a skateboard. Totally an oversight on my part! Now that you mention it, I need to get on that ASAP.

We've seen the teaser shots online but when and where will the whole collection be available?
They are available NOW! And if you buy them on you get a free grab bag item with each shoe purchase. Why not, we love our customers and we want to hook them up!

What's up next for you - I'm sure surviving this mammoth move is number one on the list!
I am right now boarding a plane heading to Long Beach, California to launch this Vans capsule and party like it's 1999. Hard at work designing Spring 2011 then going right into designing and conceptualizing Fall 11 while completing our production of Fall and Holiday 10. Trying to make time for my family and friends who sometimes are not sympathetic to what it takes to keep a small company running (no free time) and working on a killer tan.

Thanks Claw!

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