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Claw Money Fall 08 Collection 3
Claw Money Fall 08 Collection 3
Claw Money Fall 08 Collection 3

Claw Money - Fall '08 Collection

We’ve been reppin’ Claw Money hard ever since she appeared in Issue 10 of our brilliant magazine, but as we all know, her imprint has left a mark on the fashion and art world for over a decade. Cleaning out her old stock to make way for the new, Claw purged her past collections with a massive sale, which saw ladies, as well as fellas running to cop 50% off only the finest in New York wear.

With the premiere of her new collection ‘One Of A Kind’ Claw goes all out to give all hipsters exactly what they want, that elusive one-off design. Erasing the all embarrassing realisation that that limited edition, one of one piece of clothing or footwear has been bootlegged to give the masses a touch of exclusivity, Money puts her Midas claw onto one off Starter jackets and other pearls of vintage wear, giving the buyer not only a cup of Claw but a big fat stamp of cred.

Also in the collection are her new designs, which capture the filthy mind of a woman unconstrained from societies rules. From the brilliant ‘Liquor In The Front, Poke Her In The Rear’ and MC Lucious’ ‘Boom I Got Your Boyfriend’ tee, to the hilarious spin on the Air Jordan logo with Air Claw, this collection is set to sell out as fast as it hits the shelves. Wanna piece of the action? Then hit up Colette, Union NYC, Maxfields LA, Patricia Field or the Claw Money website now.

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