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City Fast: Nike Bring The Air Mariah Up To Speed

Nike Mariah 3974Nike Mariah 3974
Nike Mariah 3966
Nike Mariah 3924
Mariah Ad 1
Nike Mariah 4084 1
Nike Mariah 4080 1
Nike Mariah 4061 1
Nike Mariah 4052 1
Nike Mariah 4021 1
Nike Mariah 3991 1
Nike Mariah 3974 1
Mariah Right
Mariah Comfort
Nike Air Zoome Flyknit Mariah Racer 2
Nike Air Zoom Mariah Og Flyknit 1 1
Mariah Flyknit
Mariah 500X700
Mariah Ad
Nike Mariah
Nike Mariah Side
Nike Mariah Heel
Mariah Crop Sqre 2
Mariah 600X450 1
Mariah Crop Sqre 1
Nike Air Mariah 2
Mariah Crops 1
Nike Air Mariah 1
Screen Shot 2017 06 29 At 2 50 40 Pm
Nike Mariah 4084
Nike Mariah 4080
Nike Mariah 4061
Nike Mariah 4052
Nike Mariah 4021
Nike Mariah 3991

 have broken down the  to its core and re-sequenced its DNA for life in the fast lane. Originally geared for pure speed, the Mariah debuted in 1981 as a racing flat. It was only the second shoe – after the Air Tailwind – to feature Nike’s new ‘Air’ cushioning technology. Refreshed in 1988 with a much more aggressive profile, the Air Mariah’s lithe silhouette echoed the frames of the distance runners it was built for, and the shoe quickly made a name for itself as a championship winner. As Nike’s advertising slogan decreed at the time, ‘They came. They saw. They kicked butt.’

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