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Chupa Chup Celebrates 50 Years 1
Chupa Chup Celebrates 50 Years 1
Chupa Chup Celebrates 50 Years 1

Chupa Chup Celebrates 50 Years!

It was a single light bulb moment in 1958, (by Spanish confectionery pioneer Eric Bernat) that created a ‘sweet on a fork’ aka the ‘lollipop’, sparking one of the biggest revolutions in confectionery history. From humble hand-rolled beginnings in Spain, Chupa Chups have grown to become a global phenomenon sweetening the lives of the young and young at heart all over the world. This evolution has seen the Chupa Chups range grow from an original seven flavours to a gob-smacking 127 (not all of which are available for sale in Australia), and the famed Salvador Dali designed logo become an omnipresent pop icon dotted across all manner of mediums around the globe.

Famed for being the first lollipop in Space (as requested by Mir Space Station cosmonauts in 1995) The Cupa Chup has sustained popularity by being distributed to 150 countries, with the mission of ‘spreading sweetness throughout the world by celebrating diversity’. Not bad for a glob of saccharine on a plastic stick.

Kicking off its global 50th birthday celebrations in Spain earlier this year, Chupa Chups has brought the party down-under, and will create fantastical laneways dubbed ‘Chupa Chups Lane’ in Melbourne and Sydney, with supporting street art features in Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide to coincide with the festivities.

Chupa Chups Lane will be brought to life by artwork, lighting and installations for ten-day periods in each city, with Melbourne also hosting a free daytime festival event featuring live rock from one of Triple J's Unearthed discoveries Mirror House Antics, electro outfit Boy + Girl, Red Ink, Neon Knights and DJ Emilionzzzz. Chupa Chups Lane will be an event that mixes classic imagery with modern-day multi-media and entertainment to provide a perfect blend of local and international flavours for event goers to suck on. Guaranteed to give you cavities, it's going to be oh so sweet!

ACDC Lane, Melbourne, VIC 3000
Friday, 24th October 2008 – Monday, 3rd November 2008
Open 24 hours
Free exhibition

ACDC Lane Melbourne, VIC 3000
Saturday, 25th October 2008
2pm until 9pm

Oxford St. Market Bondi Junction.
Friday, 7th November -  Monday, 17th November 2008

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