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Choose the Future of Reebok Releases with their ‘First Pitch’ Program

Reebok First Pitch Classic Leather Bee Keeper

Reebok are undertaking an ambitious bid to make more hit colourways than misses, launching the ‘First Pitch’ program, which puts the decision to release a shoe in your hands.

Like a sneaker version of Shark Tank, Reebok will propose a particular model and colourway to be considered for upcoming release. Customers commit to its release in $1 increments, until the shoe reaches its retail price. However, commitments have to reach 500 pairs before Reebok put the shoe into production. Any fewer, and the release is cancelled before it even leaves the drawing board. Depending on the shoe, customers will have anywhere between 72 hours to 30 days to decide whether they’re vibing Reebok’s pitch or not.

This program has the potential to really influence the future of sustainable sneaker production and supply chain logistics as it prevents the industry being bogged up with sneakers nobody wants.

The First Pitch program debuts on August 10 with the Classic Leather ‘Bee Keeper’, rendered by Reebok designers Emily Gibbemeyer and Alex Chou. Expect more silhouettes and colourways in coming months. Hot or not? Let Reebok know here.

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