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Pretty Sweet 1
Pretty Sweet Malto Golf 1
Pretty Sweet Beach Flip 1
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Pretty Sweet Stack 1
Pretty Sweet Bondi 1
Pretty Sweet Malto 1
Pretty Sweet Australia 1
Pretty Sweet Moet Girl Chocolate Guy Mariano 1

Chocolate X Girl Oz Adventure

Two weeks ago Girl and Chocolate skaters Guy Mariano, Mike Mo, Brandon Biebel, Justin Eldridge, Jeron Wilson and Sean Malto graced the shores of Australia as part of a whirlwind world tour to launch the highly anticipated skate videostraveganza 'Pretty Sweet'. With only a few days in the country, the boys decided to leave their decks back in the States and and just soak in some gold old Ozzy fun. Check out some of their travel snaps below and head to your local skate store to grab the DVD.

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