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ChinaTown Market Claims NBA Fined Them For LeBron James' Bootlegs

Lebron Chinatown Market 1

Chinatown Market are taking full advantage of wearing their bootlegged Chuck 70s in June. After King James announced he was moving to the Lakers, Chinatown Market posted a picture of him with the caption: “LABRON” LIKED OUR CHUCKS SO MUCH THAT HE DECIDED TO MOVE TO LA SO HE CAN WEAR THEM YEAR ‘ROUND!

Then, a couple days later, they posted a mock notice from the NBA, claiming that the league were fining them for violating an ‘anti-tampering rule’.

Now, we’re not lawyers, but we’re 100% sure that the NBA’s jurisdiction doesn’t extend to bootleggers. But still, many people believed it, proving the marketing stunt to be a hit.

Furthermore, Chinatown is now holding a sale to help them pay their imaginary fine.

But don’t be mad; Nike played a similar trick when they claimed that the  was banned from the league (it wasn’t) and are still cashing in on the scandal today.

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