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Check Out This New 'sneaker Backpack'

You're heading away for the weekend with the main thang. You lace up a pair for the first day and stuff a couple more in your backpack. Your backpack is now full, you can't fit any clothes in it at all. You scratch your snapback and ponder your options. Shorty says, 'It's only three days, what do you need three pairs of shoes for?' You say, 'Sorry, did I not hear you correctly or is my maths off. You said three days, yeah? Three days equals three shoes, no? Sorry, I dropped Maths early but I think I got that conversion right.' She says she's had enough and she walks out on you. Yes, your relationship was barely held together by a shoelace anyway, there were other problems, her friends didn't like you, you didn't care too much for connecting with her soul and her hobbies, but that ain't the point right now. Your poor packing destroyed your marriage! You vow never again, wifey number seven will be theone, and you'll do everything to keep her. Check this, it may help, it's a new backpack idea that stows away two beefy pairs of sneaks without interfering with your other flat-packed threads. There's a stack of other accessories pockets and the like (even a cap holder!), head over to Shrine's website to explore it.

Now ReadingCheck Out This New 'sneaker Backpack'

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