Ca 10 Yr Ani Melo
Ca 10 Yr Ani Melo
Ca 10 Yr Ani Melo

Carmelo Anthony Celebrates 10 Years With Jordan

Whether you love him or hate him, there's no denying that Carmelo Anthony is pound for pound one of the best players in the league right now – just look at his stats and accolades over the past ten years. That 62-point game at MSG ring a bell? Yes, we know that championship bling still eludes him, but from the moment he entered the league back in '03 with some other well known talent, everyone knew that he would become one of the greats.
Earlier this year, Jordan Brand decided a shindig was in order to commemorate Melo's career thus far and to pay homage to the 10th edition of his signature shoe line, the Melo M10. Carmelo's family and friends and Jordan Brand execs gathered to share stories, ideas and good times.
Check out the pics above and the vids below to get an idea of how it went down for the 10th year anniversary, as well as some perspective on the man's legacy.

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