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Carbon Festival Returns For 2013

The Carbon festival will return for round three in 2013 and Acclaim has again put together a star-studded lineup. Artists and creatives from around the globe will converge on Melbourne's RMIT Storey Hall for a series of open forums and events over the two-day creative bonanza.

Having huge success with 'Carbon' in 2012 thanks to appearances from New York natives Futura2000, 13th Witness, Mega of BLACK SCALE and renowned music photographer Ricky Powell, Acclaim is pulling out all the stops this year with talks from Shawn Stussy, Ronnie Fieg, Henry Chalfant, Martha Cooper, Eddie Huang, Jeff Hamada and our very own Simon 'Woody' Wood. And that's just the first round of speaker announcements...

Carbon Festival kicks off on Saturday April 13. Check out the video below for a glimpse of the Sneaker Freaker Swap Meet that took place in partnership with Carbon in 2012, and click HERE to purchase your early bird tickets for a limited time only.

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