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Buscemi Skateboard Valets
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Buscemi Skate Board Valets

We must admit we were a little bit tripped out when Jon Buscemi started talking about making 'skateboard valets' during our interview for Sneaker Freaker Issue 28. We assumed he meant a little leather square that was somehow stylised for skateboarders, but no – he actually went ahead and created full scale skateboards drowned in tumbled deerskin leather. These are the most luxurious wheelie boards we've ever seen! They form part of the Buscemi brand's first drop of full leather products, which includes shoes, coffee cup holders, ties, bags and other accessories. Look out for the interview in Issue 28, which can be bought here, and if you're a skate rat turned suit then you might be able to buy the $600 boards from Union. Free year SF subscription to the first person to actually put wheels on one of these and ride it!

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