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Bulletstorm Review

Bulletstorm is an intensely epic shoot-em-to-bits schlock romp. Crash landing on a savage planet with an even worse hangover, you and your black-ops padres wade knee deep through space scum, mad mutants and monster plants as you run from the galactic tyrant General Sarrano. A former employer of yours, the General and you didn't leave on the best of terms - and you're not hanging around for a reference. While there's a tale of betrayal and righteous principle at the heart of Bulletstorm, this title is 200% about delivering brain grinding action - which it does spectacularly well. To nail Bulletstorm you have to ‘kill with skill', a critical difference from other splatterfests. Enemies aren't simply obliterated, you paint the sky with their spleens thanks to the ludicrously over the top gameplay. A typical skirmish ends with you kicking your adversary in the chest... they fly backwards in super slo-mo and you play Jenga with their internal organs as they float helpless in mid air. Sounds fun, eh? Most of the game's bonehead dialogue seems to revolve around your dick, so if you're offended by salty sailor talk (let alone mass homicide) then you should probably look elsewhere. Although the gameplay is a little short and open ended (hello sequel), the breakneck action and stunning scenery is completely captivating. Those looking for something with replay value however may be left a little short changed. That said, this is an addictive tiltle that does everything it's balls-out name implies. Like an addiction to Charlie Sheen it will melt your face off and leave your body in an exploded heap more than a few times, but you'll have a heck of a time doing it. Out now from People Can Fly, Epic Games and EA, Bulletstorm is smoking on the shelves of all good gaming outlets.,

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