BAPE STA Paper Craft Instructions
BAPE STA Paper Craft Instructions

Build Your Own BAPE STAs at Home!

BAPE are tapping your creative juices by letting you design your own BAPE STAs! They’ve just released a print-out stencil of the iconic homage sneaker (which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year) that can be coloured in, cut out, and crafted into a 3D model!

If graphic design is your passion, add some digital pigments before printing out for the cleanest finish. But if you’re more of an analogue type, do it the old-school way with pencil, crayon and markers. Recreate iconic BAPE STA colourways and colabs, or make something never seen before – the choice is yours!

By tagging @bape_us, intriguing designs may get featured on their Instagram story. The print-out contains all the necessary parts and assembly instructions. Download the files here. Go APE!

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