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Brian Reid Calls Out A$AP Rocky’s Under Armour Release


Tensions continue to flare between Brian Reid and Dave Mayhew in the wake of A$AP Rockys SRL signature Under Armour sneaker release, and not because it sold out...

In a recent interview with FN, Brian Reid, the man who Osiris credits as the original designer of their D3 2001 silhouette, has again called out the joint effort between Rocky and pro skater Dave Mayhew. ‘He is taking credit for my life’s work’, Reid said. ‘For a trade that I have been doing for 23 years, damaging my reputation and taking away from future opportunities that rightfully should be directed to me.’

But it seems Reids beef hasnt been with Rocky for appropriating the design elements from the D3 2001, rather that in an interview with GQ in September, Dave Mayhew was credited as the shoes designer. An issue Osiris themselves  after the interview was published. According to Reid, he and pro skater Tony Magnusson designed the shoe whilst travelling around Korea, and Mayhew had no involvement in the design. And whilst Mayhew was the face and ambassador, Reid cast the original moulds.

What makes me laugh and cry at the same time is when I see articles from social media, trade and other famous publications with the reach of millions, talking about how Dave is a brilliant legendary shoe designer, Reid said. It outright disgusts me because Dave was not there — no involvement, no emails, no phone calls, nothing. Dave wasn’t in the country, time zone or continent.

This isnt the first time that Reid has called out Mayhew for taking the notoriety. Speaking to  Jenkem Magazine in October, Reid said, The fact he’s sitting in GQ with Rocky frolicking on top of some car, like two little giddy school girls, and they’re saying he’s a “legendary shoe designer”, I’m like, ugh. Not only did I design those shoes, but I’ve also designed many since then. The proof is in the pudding. It was my company, I named it, I sponsored Dave. It’s those things that are a little upsetting.

Well keep you posted on how this plays out.

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